Kronos Gallery is located on the noble floor of Palazzo Garavaglia, in via San Marco 21, in the historic center of Trento, one of the richest cities of art in Northern Italy. Located within walking distance of Buonconsiglio Castle, the exhibition site of about 400 sqm is set in a late 18th century building and adorned with fine stuccoes, exposed beams and marble fireplaces.

Kronos Gallery is not just an art gallery: there are two major activity areas.

It deals with contemporary art, the research and promotion of contemporary artists, the creation and display of art events and exhibitions, also in collaboration with museums, foundations and individuals in order to spread art and culture.

In particular, much of the research is based on Street Art, in fact Kronos Gallery strongly believes that the next great chapter in the history of art books are Street Art and artists with an “urban” background.

One of the main goals of Kronos Gallery is to bring together contemporary artists with great artists of the past with a common experience, in order to understand how contemporary authors are inspired by the great names of the past.

Moreover Kronos deals with the works of art’s enhancement, collections management and intermediation of important works.

Thanks to a team of about fifty international experts and professionals, Kronos carries out all the phases of consultancy, evaluation of works of art, documentary studies on the work, laboratory analysis, restoration, conservation and much more, in order to to document the work, archive it and attribute it, and then officially recognize it.

Kronos means time, a chronological, measurable, quantifiable time.
Understood this way, in fact, time reduces the meaning of our existence to the quantifiable, calculable, efficiency and effectiveness.