Art's Enhancement.

For various reasons some works of art configured as hereditary assets, bequests or purchases in past times where there were other market rules are lacking in documentation which allows them to be offered to the current market and to gain financial benefit.

Many paintings are partially, if not totally, devoid of any accompanying documentation despite being overt works of important artists, effectively making the artwork worthless for the current market.

The analysis and documentary studies of a work of art such as the origin, the history linked to it, the state of conservation, the composition of the pigments and the documents for handling are often not linked to a well-defined procedural path but are in fact managed by figures, albeit professional, but unrelated to each other and often as opposed with opinions and evaluations.

This creates confusion, waste of time and money for the artworks’ owners.

Kronos, with a team of professional figures, has consolidated a technical-scientific path that provides a complete supply chain, from viewing the work to the presentation to museums or foundations for the purpose of its archiving and, in fact, the official recognition of authenticity.

and attributions

Kronos has developed a codified system of action which offers an in-depth path for the enhancement of the various works of art.

For this professional path, Kronos has contractualized and developed partnerships at an international level with important universities, scientific diagnostic laboratories, expert historians specialised for each individual artist, experts in documentary research both in museums and in historical archives, experts in document processing for the presentation to various museums and/or foundations for the archiving of the paintings.

Kronos has drawn up a protocol of action and method in order to offer the vast clientele who own some works of art a well-defined path divided into various steps to define the phases of enhancement and to contain costs.

The team is about 50 international experts and professionals, each with their own focus and specialisation:

– Diagnostic laboratories (Italy / Abroad)
– Historiographers specialised for each artist
– Researchers and documentary analysts for provenance research
– Experts in archiving and attributions
– Conservation and restoration laboratories

The experience of Kronos Gallery derives from generations of art dealers who have always worked on important paintings at an international level. This is why Kronos Gallery is the right advisor for that kind of procedure.

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