Kronos Gallery is pleased to present MYTH(E)OS. From the Myth to God, an exhibition realised in collaboration with ARKì – International Art Academy which focuses on the comparison of works by the contemporary Trentino artist ATPKO with masterpieces by great old masters of the 17th/18th century, such as Pieter Paul Rubens and Guercino.


    Kronos Gallery, Via S. Marco 21, Trento

  • DATES:

    19.06.2021 - 30.09.2021



The visitor is accompanied through a path that transcends space and time and which focuses on the sacred, understood in its traditional meaning as something that is extraordinario (from the Latin extra , or “outside”, and ordinary , that is “normal”), connected to the experience of a reality totally different from that ordinarily perceived and indicated as profane.

Faced with primitive man, nature, life, history and everything around him appear as a whirlwind of meaningless images and the sacred consequently becomes a way to order and know one’s reality. He does not know the laws that govern nature, the causes of life and death, of good and evil, and in the face of this universe of incomplete images, which nature and life offer him every day, he risks getting lost, falling prey of fear and only through myths and religion does he find the sense of reality, he constructs the order of those otherwise incomprehensible images.

The exhibition itinerary begins with the portraits of Pierre Fauchard and Catherine Louise Rousselot, two common people who become a symbol and representation of the human being’s need to explain reality, to overcome and resolve a contradiction of nature and therefore to rely on the sacred. both in its mythological and religious value.

The myth (from the Greek Mỳthos ) tells of divine beings, heroes and gods, and this can be seen in the works created by the contemporary Trentino artist ATPKO where some of the most important Greek and Roman gods are represented, starting with Athena, Medusa and Atlas, to then meet, in the third exhibition room, Apollo, Aphrodite and Hercules.

Pieter Paul Rubens’ masterpiece, The Banquet of Achelous , shows Theseus, the tenth mythological king of Athens, together with the other heroes at a banquet organized in their honor by the river god Achelus, as narrated by Ovid in the thirteenth book of the Metamorphoses.

Arriving in the last exhibition hall you can admire the sacred art of a purely religious value: the San Sebastiano rescued by two angels by Guercino which shows, with an incomparable pictorial mastery, the last moments of the life of the saint, the Magdalene from the bottega of Guido Reni and finally the Madonna with Child and the saints Bartolomeo and Girolamo by Moroni are works where subjects are represented that express the beauty of creation, of the creator and therefore of God (from the Greek Theós ).

MYTH(E)OS. From the Myth to God, Installation View, Kronos Gallery, Trento